The "La Querciola" area stretches for approximately 118 hectares within the Commune of Quarrata (Pistoia) and lies in the middle of dense human settlement.

Its natural boundaries are the River Ombrone to the east, the Dogaia of Quadrelli trench to the west and to the north the Via Nuova (New Road), which connects the settlements of Casini to Caserana, both fractions of the Commune.

This area, like most of the metropolitan area, is a reclaimed flood plain, testified by the soil which has evolved from Quaternary alluvial deposits.

There are two hunting lakes in the area, which tend to dry up in summer, called Zela Lake and Bigiana Lake, and four small ponds, once open clay quarries.

The latter are the only areas where water is also found in summer - as they are fairly deep (4-8 metres) they are in contact with the water table. In 2000, the Commune purchased property, part of the Zela lake, called "Laghina" (Little Lake), and established a faunistic oasis there.

This area has undergone environmental restoration interventions so that now access to the area is also available to disabled persons. The flooded sectors cover approximately 15 hectares and represent about 13% of the total area.

The main water courses within the area are the Senice Stream and the Drainage canal which flows into the Dogaia del Quadrelli trench.

The lesser water network is well developed, especially in the northern and eastern sectors. The ditches are all dry in summer, but water is a parmanent feature in the Senice Stream.

There are also wet meadows, the most important are located to the north, in the area between one of the quarries and the Senice, and in the south-western tract of the Laghina.