Tritone punteggiato

In spite of its small size and the rather impoverished habitat of its surrounds, "Il Bottaccio" has preserved a high level of biodiversity and acts as a true and proper faunistic shelter.

As well as Wild Boars, Mustelids, Weasels and Badgers, there are Foxes, Porcupines and several rodents, including the Edible Dormouse, field mice and the Dormouse. Amphibians are also important.

They include a numerous population of Tree Frogs, Agile frogs, the Great Crested and Smooth Newts.

There is also a very rich entomological fauna, which numbers species typical of the wetlands like the two butterflies Lycaena dispar and Apatura ilia and the endemic coleopteran beetle  Carabus clathratus antonellii.

The Avifauna is particularly characterised by migratory species (Woodpigeon, dabbling ducks, Herons, Lapwing, Little Grebe and Coot), that find here a suitable stop over. There is no lack of residents, however, e.g. the Great Spotted Woodpecker and the Green Woodpecker, the Buzzard and the Long-eared Owl.