Promotional activities

Le Lame di Fuori

The Park Management has decided that these areas should also be enjoyed by the public through guided visits by authorised persons in this sector.

Indeed, only people who have a genuine interest in nature and who are used to visiting natural habitats  (i.e. suitably equipped for naturalistic observations, dressed in mimetic clothing and above all who show respect for the environment and are careful not to disturb the animals) are allowed to visit the itineraries the Park Body has planned for the San Rossore Lame (Swamps) Estate.

These specialized, conducted visits are only open to a small number of people and limited to late autumn, winter and the beginning of spring so as not to disturb the fauna during the breeding season.

At present, the preferential route is the "Lama degli Ontani", officially named 5.A.2. This route passes under the cover of a wooded areas and is entirely screened by natural material.

Thus bird-watching is possible without causing any disturbance to the ornithological fauna. There is also access to a small observation tower at the end of the route.