Promotional activities

Il Fosso del Prete

The Centro di Ricerca, Documentazione e Promozione del Padule di Fucecchio (Centre for Research, Documentation and Promotion of Fucecchio Marshes), the Associazione Onlus (Onlus Association) promotes the conservation and improvement of the Fucecchio Marshes, Lake Sibolla and other habitats in northern Tuscany.

The association avails itself of a technical-scientific committee and a group of collaborators and educational operators, who are qualified or experts in natural and biological sciences or in the history of the area. The Centre lends particular importance to educational and promotional activities aimed at all age groups.

It manages a Laboratory for Environmental Education, organises guided tours for schools and adult groups, permanent education and refresher courses for teachers. It organises the utilization of the Nature Reserve both for educational purposes and tourism and carries out research and monitoring of habitat quality in the area.

There are several publications of the Centre, including the photographic book "Gli ultimi rifugi - Vita nel Padule di Fucecchio e nel Laghetto di Sibolla" (The last Refuges - Life in the Fucecchio Marshes and Lake Sibolla) and the guide-book "Il Padule di Fucecchio e il Laghetto di Sibolla - Natura e Storia", (The Fucecchio Marshes and Lake Sibolla - Nature and history.